Yurdal Tokcan is universally recognized as the foremost oud player in the world today. His command of the instrument on a technical level puts him in a class entirely of his own, but more importantly, his fluid and highly emotive improvisations (taksims), as well as his profoundly sensitive renderings of the complex and intricate compositions […]


Kelly Thoma, has been studying the Lyra with alongside Ross Daly since 1995. This means that she has worked intensively on the repertoire, the sound quality, as well as the future possibilities of this instrument. The Workshop www.kellythoma.com


Christos Barbas is a prolific composer and virtuoso of the Ney which he studied under the renowned master Omer Erdogdular. He is an innovative interpreter of the classical ottoman repertoire and more generally of the music of the east mediterranean and an internationally appreciated teacher. He is the artistic director of Labyrinth Catalunya Labyrinth Catalunya. The […]


Ross Daly, the artistic director and founder of the Musical Workshop Labyrinth, will teach a seminar focusing on modal composition. Ross Daly is himself recognized as the foremost composers and performers in this genre and it is his expressed desire to see more young people involved in the study of modal musical traditions becoming active […]


Zohar Izhak Fresco is known as a pioneer of the Tof Miriam, the ancient frame drum originated in the Middle East more than three thousand years ago. Fresco understood the great value and the wide musical range that exists in the tof miriam and dedicated his life to the development of a new fingering technique […]

Françoise Atlan

Françoise Atlan was born in a Sephardic Jewish family in Narbonne and after a classical musical training and musicological studies she enstabilished herself as as one of the best performers of Sephardic romance. The refinement of her interpretation reveals the different country shelter influences of the Jewish Spanish communities. The musical styles of Arabic, Muslim […]


Daud Khan Sadozai is one of the foremost exponents of robab, the afghani plucked lute. Daud Khan, was born in Kabul/Afghanistan in 1955 and he studied Robab with Ustad Muhammad Umar, who was the most famous Robab-interpret of the classical style as well as the traditional folklore style in his country. The knowledge about building […]