August 2017 – Labytinth Italia First Edition

Foto by Renè Ruisi

Labyrinth Italia was founded in 2017 to spread the educational experience of “Labyrinth Musical Workshop” outside  the island of Crete, as has already happened with Labyrinth Catalunya in 2016.

Through the years, L.M.W. has affirmed itself as a meeting place for the best exponents of countless musical traditions in which teachers and students have been able to freely exchange information and experiences in a liberal and non-academical context, uniquely focusing on learning and comprehending new musical languages and didactic approaches.

The philosophy of L.M.W. represents to us an attempt to overcome through music the distances and biases that separate us from different and distant cultures: as musicians and cultural operators inspired by being in touch with the Labyrinth world through the years we want to replicate and enrich this particular experience which we consider especially useful in an historical moment when borders, barriers and dogmatic approaches to diversity seem to be becoming dangerously stronger.

Artistic direction
Peppe Frana, Paolo Veronica