Modal Composition (Ross Daly)

Ross Daly, the artistic director and founder of the Musical Workshop Labyrinth, will teach a seminar focusing on modal composition. Ross Daly is himself recognized as the foremost composers and performers in this genre and it is his expressed desire to see more young people involved in the study of modal musical traditions becoming active in the realm of composition.

Modal music, even though it accounts for about half of the entire world’s musical genres and it is a subject of vast dimensions with unlimited possibilities for creative activity, is still often associated in people’s minds with “tradition” and the more historical aspect of music.

In this workshop Ross Daly aims to dispel this notion and help the student to perceive and utilize the enormous creative possibilities offered by modal music in a way suitable to his own artistic needs and inclinations.

The ability of reading musical scores is not strictly required but it would surely facilitate the didactics.


  • Monday: 17/20
  • Tuesday- Friday: 10/13 – 16/19
  • Saturday: 10/13

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