Songs of the sephardic diaspora (Françoise Atlan)

Françoise Atlan was born in a Sephardic Jewish family in Narbonne and after a classical musical training and musicological studies she enstabilished herself as as one of the best performers of Sephardic romance.

The refinement of her interpretation reveals the different country shelter influences of the Jewish Spanish communities. The musical styles of Arabic, Muslim and Jewish communities were in past time deeply coloured with mutual influences intensifying their cohabitation.

In this seminar Françoise Atlan will focus on both vocal techniques and repertoire of the variety of musical genres that are usually referred as “Sephardic Music”

The ability of reading musical scores is not strictly required but it would surely facilitate the didactics.


  • Monday: 17/20
  • Tuesday- Friday: 10/13 – 16/19
  • Saturday: 10/13

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